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Planning Ahead

There are countless good reasons for planning ahead by making your memorial choices now. Here are just ten we believe are especially important.

1. A memorial should be a joint decision
As a couple, you've shared your lives. You've made important decisions together. Since a memorial is the most enduring thing you will ever purchase, we feel it should be a joint decision. If you wish, other family members can be involved in the selection process as well. Yet all too often, couples and families put it off. "We talked about planning together, but we just never got around to it"

2. It completes your estate planning
Most people realize the importance of estate planning. What few realize is that estate planning is not complete without memorial planning. As a result, the surviving spouse is often left with the burden of choosing and paying for a memorial. By purchasing your memorial now, you can avoid this difficult situation. You can also avoid selecting a monument during a time of high stress and emotion.

3. The choice will reflect your wishes.
Your choice of a home, car or vacation spot reflects your personal preferences, your tastes and wishes. Why let others select your memorial? We will work with you to personalize your family memorial so that it tells a story in stone - one that reflects your family members' lives, your interests, your beliefs and your accomplishments.

4. Your heirs won't be left guessing.
It is both unwise and unfair to burden your heirs with the task of choosing your memorial. They can only guess at your wishes.

5. Your insurance will fulfill its intended purpose.
If you purchase a memorial now and pay for it while you are still working, your insurance benefits can be directed else where. You will have the security of knowing that your estate, savings and insurance funds can all go toward their intended purpose: providing for those you love most.

6. The decision won't have to be made at an emotional time.
At times of grief and loss, it can be very difficult to make important decisions. Why place even more stress on your family? Not only may they find it difficult to think clearly about your wishes, but they may overlook such issues as quality and craftsmanship and the soundness of a strong guarantee. By working with us now, you'll be assured of the finest quality granite and the finest quality workmanship - all backed by the strongest guarantee possible.

7. You can move your memorial with you if you relocate to a new home.
Some people tell us they don't want to buy and place a memorial in advance because they are concerned they may move later in life. Just as a cemetery lot can be re-sold a granite memorial can easily and inexpensively be moved should the need arise. In fact, we advise that you start your planning with the memorial itself, since it will be the only permanent remembrance of a life well-lived.

8. No matter what happens, memorialization will be assured.
No one can predict the future. Financial troubles can delay memorial purchases by families, sometimes indefinitely. Disagreements can have the same effect. Pre-purchase is your protection against these uncertainties - your guarantee that your memorial will happen as you want it to.

9. We can promise you and your family peace of mind.
A memorial should be forever and we guarantee it. Our written guarantee explicitly states that we will replace, without charge, any granite part of your memorial should that part prove defective in a way attributable to our granite or our workmanship. Our guarantee extends to you and your heirs and remains in effect even if your family moves away.

10. A memorial is less expensive now than in the future.
Many purchasers avoid rising cost and the effects of inflation by purchasing their monument now. We believe that capturing today's prices and backing up that investment with our lifetime guarantee is a good business decision.

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"Why should I plan my family memorial in advance?

Isn't it something that can wait until later?"

These are fair and honest questions.

Certainly, the decisions about your family memorial can be put off until a later date, however, there are some sound reasons to do it now.

Many people understand the importance of planning ahead. Protecting your family with life insurance, pre-planning your funeral, estate planning and keeping your will up to date - These are positive planning steps we all understand.

Advance planning for a memorial is no different. Planning now is an important step in preparing for the future

Today, more Canadians than ever are discovering the feeling of security that comes from planning now.

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